Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife 2014

My First Post to GroundZero101 is the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife

I just life the irony of buying a knife and having to use another knife to get to the knife you want!

I purchased this knife because I wanted something that would be great for survival, It has a whistle, a flint, and a cool sheath. It also has a metal pommel that you can hammer stakes in or smash small things like clams, coconuts or some skulls if needed.

I've done a lot of research and despite some individuals disliking this knife due to poor design. I find that their reviews or based on their lack of knowledge of knife construction and handling. If Gerber watched their review of their knives and saw how they broke them then they should refuse the lifetime warranty for this knife.

On a side note the knife has a lifetime warranty in the USA and only a 25 year warranty outside the USA?

If you look at the video of Katanaburner on youtube he reviews this knife and I ultimately decided to get one and copy him with my own variation. I added a few paracord buckles and also added about 15 feet of bright orange cord leftover from the few knots I've done.

I find the knife sturdy, heavy and functional.Before I used the knife I did the simple hair test where you scrape the knife against the back of your hand and see if can shave the hair off. It did not. I used the enclosed sharpener with a little bit of baby oil and sharpen the knife. After about 10 or so strokes on each side, then 5, then 3, then 2, then one. I tested again. It shaved a good clean patch off without irritation. Then I bumped it against my pinky finger and it cut me good! Even though it was an accident It still proves that it can be razor sharp.

I hate velcro straps and I wanted something else. Katanaburner used paracord bracelets he made to replace the velcro straps. I made two straps and had them snug enough to attach to my backpack in the daisy chains. It works perfectly. The sheath is snug enough that even without the straps on it still won't come out without a good bit of force.

I also attached to survival guide under the paracord to keep it safe.

The Good.

Handle, sheath, fire steel, supper loud whistle, bright orange color, built in diamond stone sharpener

The Bad.

Serrations mix on the blade, the blade came dull, not a full tang knife, sheet has velcro straps


I really like the knife the fire steel works great and if you angle the knife right you will have loads of sparks. The custom made straps are a plus and I wanted to make something that was both functional and good looking. Also adding the extra length of paracord helps.

So I will update this as time goes on. This is my first survival knife and overall I would recommend this knife to anyone that is needing a good knife for outdoors.