10 C's of Survival

Primary C’s of Survivability

These are the core items of survivability of most of the items these are what make or break you ability to survive. As following with several survival experts both online and through TV


Without something to use to cut cordage, trees or food you really not able to do much for surviving. 
-Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife


You need something that will start a fire, whether the it’s wet or dry.


Cover or Shelter to protect you from the elements. This can range from a blanket, tarp, a tent.


A container is anything you can use to cary water in. weather to boil to kill pathogens, or cook food in 


Anything that is rope like, bank line, paracord, or simple twine 

Secondary C’s of Survivability


Flashlight or torch, candles or led headlamps

Cotton Bandana-

This can be used to filter dirt from water, bandages, making a splint or keeping the sweat off your face.


Anything that can tell you from N-S and E-W. Its deffenitly a good way to learn to read a map incase the power goes out for a long time and its fun too.

Cargo Tape-

Good o’l Duct-tape is all you need here. there are a million and one ways to use it, and can even replace cordage if you run out.

Canvas Needle-

From sewing clothes to the nasty gash you had from crashing your bike. You don’t want all your insides to spill out do you? Cary a few sizes just incase.