Bugout Bag

Bugout Bags are something that everyone should have. Its when SHTF and your prepared to leave right now... not after we get our shit in order,...not after we wait for FEMA or the government to react... Not after we go to the store as every person and their mother is trying to grab as much stuff as they can... Its get out now why we still can in any situation and not look back bag.

From here there are "3" survival bags that I'd like to talk about

72 Emergency Bug-out Bags
-This is the Ultimate bag. It may be multiple bags for your family but it does serve its purpose so make sure its up to date and you have enough supplies for any emergency and that your immediate family knows where its at incase your not there to get it. Have a plan, take action, stay alive.

EDC Bags
-Basic bags from which EDC items come into play. What is important, what is not and do you really need to cary all that with you from day to day and if so how much.

Car emergency Bags
-Most people I know have a Bug-out bag in their car at all times, ready for action without use. I think we can limit this to an even comprehensive bag instead of just a one size fits all.