Thursday, January 30, 2014

American Red Cross 21 Weeks to Prepare...Getting Ready

I'm going to make a series of the American Red Cross's version of an emergency kit. This kit consists of everything you need for a family of 4 with variations on pets, kids, seniors and the occasional idiots in your family :).  I'm also going to do a quick video series to to go along with the blog as an added bonus and a modified version that I feel is stronger suited for my family. YMMV however the design is to make it easy for anyone... and I mean ANYONE who has a job or not, rich, poor, doesn't matter. If you read this and you scuffed this off your in IDIOT!!! This is an easy no brain senseless kit made to help you in most situations.  I will also copy the pdf version of this for anyone who wants to download and follow along. I recommend sending this in chain form to everyone on your email list and maybe this will save their life one day. Now to get off my soap box and get to work.

...stay safe.