Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 2... 21 Weeks to Prepare

Week 2.

This week we prepare for the second week of you family's survival. Without food or a way of getting food you will not last long. Even the food in your home if you need to leave if not organized or well thought of you could be stranded with a few cans of beans and no can opener... not much of a survival plan but we can remedy this.  

Week2. you will need

  • 1 gallon of water
  • 1 jar of peanut butter
  • 1 box crackers
  • 2 boxes energy bars
  • $2.00 for Weather Radio

No additional modifications on week 2 for me.  According to ARC, an average person will need about 1 1/2 gallons of water per day! Thats a lot of water, Even more so that water weights 8.34 lbs per gallon and if you packing around water with you for 4 people in just a 3 day span thats 18 gallons roughly of water and over 150lbs of water to carry with you. Divide that by 4 carrying their own water weight is spread out to around 38 lbs each. Just food for thought. So I would keep in the back of your mind were exactly your going to... A.) store your water B.) Haul your water if needed C.) Plan C... where to get water and safely drink it.

A jar a peanut butter to me keep it simple. a 16-18 ounce jar would do you just fine. It last longer if used with crackers or spread on bread and jam. I wouldn't go hog wild on the peanut butter so stick to the small containers then larger one.

Energy bars... A bunch of calories compacted into a bar form thats supposed to give you the quick energy you need right now. I like cliff bars because they taste good. Last up to 2 years past best used on  the box (don't ask me how I know this) and is lightweight. So if you have a backpack. you can through a few in there for emergency's, traffic, in-between meals and sorts. They are great for backpacking, hiking and camping.

Lastly $2.00 for Weather Radio, Sure most people can just pick up a radio and thats fine. If our expenses can dictate the amount your preparing then you can just go for it. I'm sticking to the budget and putting an extra .25 away too.

Now for week 1 we got a sharpie and tape. Label the tops clearly and neatly the expiration or best used date for your perishable foods. Water does expire but I would opt to replace the water every 6 months. The plastic will gas out and leach into the water after 2 years. So to be on the safer side replace every 6 months.  Drink the water its good for you or use it to replace water for your gold fish, or plants, or even dump into the laundry to save $ on water.

Next time is Week 3 and Week 4. So that should keep us on track. Also I will be showing some pictures of the current project and possibly a video.