Friday, February 7, 2014

Week 1... 21 Weeks to Prepare

Our first week is an important issue, many more will come as the weeks go by.  To prepare is to make sure that you, your family, is taken care of. If the lights go out for a week, if there is a storm and you can't get out of the house. A fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake, zombies, or aliens  you want to be prepared until things come back to normal.

This week we kick off with the American Red Cross Checklist ...Please copy and print and share... Its really hard to find this on the official website.  So going over the list I've decided to modify slightly with the "plan".  So after carefully modifying each and every week to a more rounded and functional list I believe this will better prepare my family in "need". You can choose to do the same or follow along. If you have kids, elderly, pets, or just plain paranoid you can do more.

This list is to give you a run down of week by week so as to not put a huge strain on your budget. If you can do more then by all means do so. I get paid twice a month and so when I get paid I'll be doing 2 weeks at a time.

Week 1.

  • A container for holding your items (Backpack, Duffle bag, or Large tote)- I used a diaper box temporaraly for food and stuff. I'll have a more ridged up to date container on Week 6
  • A set of clothes, shoes, gloves for each family member. You don't have to get anything new but if your in winter, store winter cloths and gloves if needed. in summer switch out clothes that are more appropriate.
  • Make a copy of ID's, birth certificates, insurance information, passports, SS#'s anything thats important. I have a portable fire safe that can store documents in. You can pick up them at Walmart for $20  
  • 3-7 day supply of Medications. We don't have any but if you did make sure you have some in a water tight container.
  • A list of phone numbers, Emails, Addresses, of your family just in case.
  • A local map
  • Spare keys. 
  • Spare glasses/contacts
  • Any books or toys for the little ones or just some light reading just incase... keep it to 1-2 books that each person could read to pass the time.
My list also included
  • Note book
  • Pen (preferably Gel)
  • Sharpie (black)
  • Tape (masking, or painters tape)

So this is my list. I'll work a little bit at a time to get all this ready.  Most I already have, so stay tuned for week 2... Pictures, tips, and more!